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We are specialist stevedores in forest products with experience in handling a wide variety of commodities including paper in rolls and pallets, woodpulp, timber and plywood. We also stevedore regular shipments of RDF (refuse derived fuel) , waste paper, bulk cement, grain and fertilisers.

Jenkins provides stevedoring service for a wide range of vessel types including conventional LO-LO, STO-RO, RO-RO and side-port vessels.

We continually strive to improve efficiency for our clients and all cargo is treated with the utmost care and respect. We have an exemplary track record in meeting our clients’ KPI’s, including low damage levels and efficiency and productivity.


With a total storage capacity of over 1 million square feet in modern quayside warehousing throughout the UK and Ireland, Jenkins can securely hold any kind or volume of cargo or commodity before onward distribution:

  • The option of dedicated or shared user arrangements
  • Clean, orderly and well equipped storage facilities
  • Container Docking systems for unloading and loading of containers
  • Temporary or longer term solutions
  • Capacity to cope with seasonal or other changes in demand
  • Predictable, competitive costs
  • State-of-the -art terminals in Liverpool, Belfast, Sheerness, Hull, Dublin, Sunderland and Warrenpoint
  • Efficient inventory handling supported by leading logistics industry software
  • Additional services on request, including quality control and inspections, and repairs, refurbishment or repackaging
  • Complete transport management for seamless distribution and delivery

Should you require custom-built warehousing or facilities in a specific location, we can source new or existing sites to meet your exact requirements.


Our comprehensive managed transport solution includes our own dedicated transport fleet as well selected haulage partners to meet your ‘just in time requirements’ for all destinations in the UK and Ireland.

With Jenkins you’re assured of the safe, reliable and seamless delivery of your cargo. On time. Every time.

Our transport service includes:

  • Our own fleet including Euro 6 vehicles to meet the most stringent European emission standards
  • A wide variation in specialised trailer types
  • Automatic loading and discharging equipment to cut costs, speed up shipping, reduce damage to goods and promote a safer working environment
  • Modern material handling equipment
  • Seamless integration between our warehouse management and transport management systems
  • In-house transport management system which includes vehicle tracking and forward facing cameras within Jenkins’ vehicles


Our experienced and qualified staff provide a professional service reporting regular and accurate information to all principles.

We will efficiently take care of all routine tasks and our extensive knowledge will assist with all vessel requirements.

We currently provide agency services in the ports of Liverpool, Hull, Sheerness, Belfast and Warrenpoint.


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